Pricing VW T5 & T6:
3,950 +vat
3,950 +vat
190 +vat
Applicable to all roof orders


Hilo Sport Transit

Features & Options

Polished Hinges
85 +vat
Scenic Canvas
200 +vat
Custom Canvas Colour
100 +vat
Black Gel Coat*
100 +vat
Roof Painting
360 +vat
Bi-Fold Bed
Sliding Hatch

*Gel Coat is susceptible to surface deterioration due to the effects of UV rays from the sun and exposure to salt air, which over time may result in fading and discolouration of the shiny gel coat finish.
Dark colours (ie Black) are more susceptible to the elements and in order to help combat natures effect, HiLo use a high quality, heat & UV resistant gel coat in the manufacture of our roofs.

An elevating roof is exposed to the elements all its life, therefore regular polishing with a good quality wax is recommended to prolong & maintain the shiny finish (whether painted or a gel coat finish) and help to keep fading/discolouration of the roof at bay.

REVOLUTIONARY - The original and best

Hilo's innovative roof structure was pioneering and became the first crash tested poptop roof available to M1 insurance standard.
Their patented roof has the lowest profile and their hinge system gives this roof the highest open height of any other roof on the market.

This provides a sleek 'factory' look and plenty of space for standing and for those using the roof bed. Add to that mix their novel tripple zip roof canvas system allows you to open the windows in any weather including heavy rain.

Each roof comes with a 5 year warranty covering the structure and fibreglass components.
The warranty also covers the canvas against rot from UV rays and colour deterioration.

The roof is compatible with most roof bars system and is available for both SWB and LWB vans including those with a rear spoiler.

All roofs are supplied in White Gel coat which we colour code in house to match your van.
Each roof price is also inclusive of a fitted roof bed.

We are very please to be able to offer these roofs and think their quality and safety rating will soon see these roofs challenging to be the market leader.

* Prices are based on installation into a bare panel van, additional costs may be applicable for working in pre-carpeted or converted vehicles or to re-site existing wiring/ lighting.


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