rIB Beds


RIB Altair

Prices are changeable without notice
RIB 112cm Fixed
1,752 +vat
RIB 112cm Sliding
1,914 +vat
RIB 130cm Fixed
2,143 +vat
RIB 130cm Sliding
2,305 +vat
RIB 150cm Fixed
2,221 +vat
RIB 150cm Sliding
2,427 +vat


96 +vat
200mm Slider
162 +vat
80 +vat
360 +vat

RIB Altair

The RIB Altair (commonly called simply, "The RIB seat"), is made by SCOPEMA in France and offers a comfortable ergonomic seat and flexible bed solution for your camper van. In addition it is also crash tested, so you have full peace of mind that your passengers are safe. These features make the RIB bed the most popular choice with camper van converters.

The RIB is offered in three size variations. 112cm, 129cm & 150cm.

We mostly install these seats to the VW Transporter, but they are also available for the Ford Transit Custom, Mercedes Vito and VW Crafter.

We can provide these seats in most OEM VW Fabric finishes or a generic fabric finish for earlier model vehicles and non-VW vehicles. Alternatively we can provide a full custom leather upholstery upgrade.

When installing the RIB seat into a VW Transporter we use crash test certified safety frames that are designed to efficiently tie the bed and the vehicle chassis together.

When we install these beds to other models, there a currently no crash certified installation kits available for these vehicles, however we do provide as much support as possible by way of minimum 4mm thick steel plates installed under the vehicles floor in order to spread the load of the bed across the vehicles floor.

Some RIB seats are available immediately or on a short lead time, others will be subject to factory order lead times that can extend into many weeks direct from France.

Prices are subject to change without notice and should be treated as an illustration only. Contact Us for accurate price and availability.