Tailgate Conversions

If you're looking to convert your barndoor van to a tailgate, we can handle the whole process, start to finish.

We use all genuine parts, where possible, and can either fit a windowed or non-window tailgate as well as colour match it to your van.

This conversion is available for T5 & T6 vans.
T5 Pricing
For the basic conversion the cost is from £1,350 +vat (simple fitting of door and mechanisms, no colour match, no internal finishing).
T6 Pricing
The basic conversion for the T6 is from £1,850 +vat (as above)

Colour Matching £400 +vat (painted inside & out)
Tinted Tailgate Glass £254 +vat (Not heated, no wiper)
Carpet finish and insulation £200 +vat
Sports Spoiler? £150 +vat

* Prices are based on an empty (pre-converted van) if the van is already converted to a camper, there will be additional cost to remove furniture items to gain access to the rear of the vans frame, any disturbance will be kept to the bare minimum.(subject to spec & tailgate availability)


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