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Warranty Details

Here at SK Conversions we want you to feel secure in the knowledge that your new investment is not only built well, but well supported for those unexpected issues.

Which is why the warranty we offer on all of our own model conversions and converted campers is as far reaching as possible.

A number of the products we use in our conversions also carry their own specific warranty which we seek to tie together into a comprehensive warranty offering.

SK Warranty

The majority of our vehicles are still under manufacturer warranty. Therefore if you ever have an issue with running of the van you can be sure that its well handled by a main dealer.

On the rare occasion that we offer a vehicle older than 3 years, it will come with a 6-month independant warranty

The warranty on the vehicle is offered separately to the conversion.


The poptops we use are made by some of the best names in the business.

Westdubs - 5 year warranty (2 years parts & labour, 3 years parts only)

Skyline - 5 year warranty (2 years parts & labour, 3 years parts only)

Reimo - 7 year warranty (7 years on the shell, 1 year on the canvas & 3 years on everything else)


We are proud to stand behind our conversion work. Therefore each SK Conversions conversion model comes with a 24-month warranty against defects. This is a back to base warranty.

**Misuse is not covered by any of the above warranties**

I have a problem with my poptop roof

In the rare situation where you think or know you have an issue with the roof or anything for that matter, just get in touch. We will handle the investigation and if the roof manufacturer agrees, we will also handle the repair.

My Child broke something

Wear and tear or misuse are not generally covered under any warranty. However, we will investigate any and all situations presented to us to resolve the issue in discussion with you.

Do you carry out all warranty repairs

Not all of them. For example:
Most roof manufacturer warranties are operated on a 'back-to-base' support mechanism, meaning if the problem is significant then the vehicle will have to be taken to them directly to resolve.
Similarly if the vehicle develops a fault it will need to go to an approved garage or main-dealership.

My Engine Management Light is on

If you are experiencing issues with the vehicle itself then the warranty investigation and repair is handled by either an approved workshop (if vehicle subject to independent warranty) or by a Main Dealer.

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