Leisure Battery

Euro6 Engines

Vehicles with Stop/Start Technology will require a different leisure battery charging system to their predecessors.
The main reason for this is the output of the alternator and the potential for harm to the leisure battery through over charging.

We use C-Tek SA250E B2B charging units that manage the needs of the second battery and even has a port of a solar panel should you have one or choose to have one in the future.

This installation contains the same basic equipment but with the necessary addition of the C-tek smart charge device to make best use of your smart alternator without cooking your battery.

from £550 +vat

Leisure Battery

Euro5 and earlier Engines

Includes supply & fitting

Standard Installation Includes
- 100Ah Battery
- Heavy Duty Charger Relay
- 100A Fuses to protect both batteries
- Heavy Duty Cabling
- 4 Gang Fuse Box for distribution to plug sockets and utilities
- 2x 12v sockets

from £390 +vat