Once your van has been insulated and carpet lined, the next stage you will need is floor to be put down.

If you are planning to fit a Rock and Roll bed, most bed systems require a floor depth of 15mm.
We cut our floors from a single sheet of 10ftx5ft 12mm hardwood plywood on our in house CNC machine. This allows us to fit a floor that wont drop or be miss leveled with any joins, as there aren't any (except the rear N/S corner, but you wont know it).

We then apply your choice of floor covering. The most common coverings we fit are from the Altro contrax range and this is what our pricing is based on.

SWB - £390 +vat
LWB - £440 +vat
Kombi floor bracket cut outs add £70 +vat

We are able to accommodate almost all floor types that are available from a roll should you want something a little different.


To finish off your flooring we offer sliding door and rear door threshold covers, these take into account the increase in floor height.
The below prices are supply and fit and include wiring in the light in the sliding door step.

Barndoor or Tailgate threshold cover - £48 +vat
Caravelle Tailgate threshold cover - £65 +vat
Sliding Door threshold cover (inc light)- £75 +vat