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SK150 12.8V 150Ah Lithium Battery

Including Bluetooth & Internal Heater as standard

Introducing our new lithium leisure battery. Boasting an impressive 150Ah / 1,920Wh of capacity. This battery unit will fit neatly under the drivers seat of any T5, T5.1, T6 or T6.1 camper van as well as many other application spaces. Inside, it features the highest Grade A cells with a matched BMS that ensures a lifespan of 15-20 years (average).

Our battery is engineered to provide an exceptional level of reliability and durability for leisure, industrial or any other deep cycle applications and should be considered an enduring investment,

Product Information:

  • SK150 Lithium 12.8V 150Ah Battery
  • 12.8V | 150Ah | 1,920Wh
  • 355mm long x 175mm wide x 190mm high
  • The SK150 Lithium battery; market-leading 150Ah. While others can achieve 100Ah or 110Ah in the same physical size, the use of top-quality cells and BMS enable us to achieve 150Ah or almost 2KWh capacity in a standard 355mm x 175mm x 190mm, low-profile case. This battery is intended to be used as a direct replacement for any existing standard DIN case Lead Acid Batteries (subject to suitable charging equipment).
  • Our 150Ah lithium battery is small in size, big in energy density and immense life expectancy. Made for those who want to get the biggest return on investment and venture off the grid for the longest.
  • This battery is 190mm high, so it will fit perfectly under the driver or single passenger seat of any T5, T5.1, T6 or T6.1 Transporter.
    It can also be mounted on its side to achieve 175mm height if required.

Battery Lifespan

  • SK150 batteries can be cycled (1 discharge + 1 charge = 1 cycle) between 2,500 to 10,000 times. The number of cycles corresponds Depth of Discharge (DOD). If you discharge 100% of the capacity every time you use the battery, the unit can do this 2,500 times before needing to be replaced. The lower the DOD before recharge, the higher the cycle life.
  • As a rough calculation of lifespan: if you discharged this battery 100% everyday of the year - 2,500 cycles ÷ 365 days = 6.8 years expected lifespanTo use this in comparison to the highest quality lead-acid gel battery (gel hasthe best cycle count of lead-acid). You can do 350-400 cycles at 80% DOD.


Up to Triple the Capacity of Lead Acid Batteries
    For a lead-acid battery to have the same capacity, you would need THREE large, heavy 142Ah batteries in a parallel connection to make 426Ah. Just one SK150 can save space, weight, extra wiring and can be placed anywhere as it does not produce gas.
  • To compare accurately, we Wh (Watt Hour) capacity ratings - Ah (Amp Hour) ratings do not take battery chemistry differences into account: SK150 lithium batteries use 100% of their capacity (~90% with Gel, ~75% AGM & ~60% traditional flooded lead-acid). With lithium's inherent energy density, means our batteries have double the useable capacity compared to lead-acid batteries.


  • Our batteries use the highest quality lithium cells available. In doing so, we can achieve better performance, higher BMS thresholds and a better overall lifespan compared to others.
  • We use prismatic lithium cells (they look like a long, thin rectangle) rather than cylindrical cells. Prismatic cells are more expensive and harder to make than cylindrical, but the benefit is a higher quality, higher capacity and potent battery. As all battery cases are squares, our cells fill out all available space within which allows us to boast higher capacities over other brands that use cylindrical cells.
  • Cylindrical cells can waste a fair amount of internal space as circles put together will always have a gap, and are far harder to repair as they use a lot of spot welding in their design.
  • What about the cells getting too warm? When discharged at the full BMS allowance, we found all of our batteries to reach a maximum of ~45°C - well within the specification. For lithium to fail, the cell temperature needs to get to around 100°C. As our prismatic cells use aluminium for their outer case, any heat is dispersed with ease. And an added benefit with prismatic is they are a lot more efficient with heater options - heated options that use cylindrical cells means the internal cells that aren't near the heater mat will not get sufficiently heated and can lead to early failure.


Made with Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells
  • The SK150 LiFePO4 battery is inherently safe both chemically and thermally, and differ in chemical make up to the batteries found in Electric Vehicles (EV's).
  • Here's some science: Our battery does not use Cobalt or Nickel, which are rare materials. As a result, we get a slightly lower cell voltage of 3.2V per cell (4x cells = 12.8V), and a lower energy capacity compared to Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) batteries used in EV's. However LiFePO4 are chemically, much more stable and have much greater lifespans - SK LiFePO4 batteries can last between 2,500 and 10,000 cycles (depending on use) - NMC is typically 1,000 to 2,500 cycles.
  • Due to the absence of Cobalt our battery has a vastly reduced chance of thermal runaway.
  • Many now also consider LiFePO4 to be safer than lead-acid thanks to their stability and internal control. They contain absolutely no acid and generate no gas emissions, and a big plus is they are recyclable.
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