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Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

  1. All contracts are made with SK Conversions Ltd.(“SKCL”)
  2. A contract for the supply of a vehicle is only concluded once an agreement is signed on behalf of SKCL.  For spare parts the contract is concluded when your order is accepted by us over the telephone or by e-mail.          
  3. Deposits for items or vehicles are to be paid at 10% of the purchase value, unless otherwise specified/ agreed. Deposits are a commitment to buy and are therefore non-returnable.          
  4. All prices quoted are subject to VAT at the standard rate unless otherwise stated.          
  5. All pictures on this website are general and may not relate to a specific part.          
  6. Where vehicles are sold as "projects" SKCL recomends that vehicles are trailered away.          
  7. Any vehicle, once paid for, is removed entirely at the customers risk.          
  8. We make every effort to ensure all goods are of the best quality and where possible we aim to give customers photographic descriptions of the items, however occationally faulty items are supplied in error. Faulty goods will be refunded or replaced if the fault was found to be present before it left our premises.          
  9. Goods damaged in transit and shortages must be notified within 24hrs of delivery.          
  10. For items that are damaged in transit, It is the responsibility of the customer to check the condition of any parts, received by courier or in the post, for damage prior to acceptance of delivery. If goods are damaged, please sign as "damaged goods". Failure to make these checks on receipt may invalidate any claims against the shipping company and may affect the amount of refund granted to the buyer by SKCL. Customers are asked to keep all packaging if goods are damaged and to supply photographic evidence of damage to the goods and the packaging prior to sending the item back to us. The absence of the original packaging will invalidate a claim against the shipping company and may affect the amount of refund granted to the buyer by SKCL.          
  11. In the event of a refund being granted, SKCL can only refund the partial or full costs of items supplied by us and this can only happen after having received the item back from the customer in the condition it was received by the customer in. Postage/shipping costs cannot be refunded and returns are made at the customers expense.          
  12. Goods must be returned withing 14 days
  13. Correctly supplied goods are subject to a 20% handling charge.          
  14. It is the customers responsibility to notify us before returning any goods.          
  15. Whilst we make every effort to provide accurate information, it is  the customers responsibility to check that parts are correct for their  vehicle before fitting.
  16. Prices marked with an "*" means SKCL is acting as an agent to sell a vehicle on behalf of a customer, therefore VAT is not applicable on the vehicles sale price.   

 Workshop Terms and Conditions

1. Definition  of Terms
  1. ‘Customer’  is the Owner/keeper of the vehicle or person responsible for paying the bill
  2. ‘SKCL’  is SK Conversions Ltd, Wildlight Campers, Wildlight Group or employees of either aforementioned entity, its parent or sister company.
  3. ‘Conversion  Agreement’ is the contract entered into between SKCL and the customer, either written or verbal, acknowledging and agreeing to all terms laid out hereafter and agreeing to the commencement of work.
  4. ‘Estimate  for Work’ is the document provided by SKCL to outline our interpretation of the  customer’s needs as well as providing an approximate duration and cost for the  project.
  5. ‘Vehicle’  is the vehicle detailed in the Estimate for work and on the Conversion  Agreement.
  6. ‘Payment  Agreement’ is a schedule of payments laid out by SKCL over the duration of the conversion project which is agreed by the customer prior to work beginning.
  7.  ‘Parts inventory’ is a document (often an email, but not exclusively) provided by SKCL detailing the parts required to carry out each stage of the conversion project, this document is not exhaustive and is given merely as an indication  of what the customer could expect to see in their project.
  8. ‘In  Writing’ is defined as any recorded written communication between the customer  and SKCL i.e. e-mail, letters, notes, memos etc...
2. All contracts are made with SK ConversionsLtd.(“SKCL”)
  1. Conversion contracts are to be agreed by both the customer and SKCL before any work begins. Either Verbal or Written
3. Pricing:
  1. Prices are not fixed and not guaranteed.
  2. Prices of new parts are based on catalogue prices available to us at the  time of costing and as such are subject to change without notice
  3. SKCL will not be liable for any increase in the costs of parts and reserves the right not to consult the customer if an item has been agreed to be purchased under the original project scope but the price has increased.
  4. If a specific part is not available and is needed for the continuation of the project a suitable alternative may be purchased sometimes at extra cost
  5. All prices quoted are subject VAT at the standard rate unless otherwise stated.
  6. Any significant changes to the pricing of a project will be notified to  the customer and agreed by both SKCL and the customer before any further work  will continue.
  7. Project estimates are intended to be used as a guide for costing/budgeting and cannot be held as 100% accurate.
4. Payment agreements:
  1. Are binding once the work is either agreed, specifically booked in and/or a deposit is paid with/to SKCL.
  2. Each deposit is non-refundable and is a commitment to the contract.
  3. SKCL will not give credit to any customer and all work is paid for in advance.
  4. If a project is cancelled by the customer during the term of the  contract no refund on any monies already paid will be given.
  5. If a project is cancelled by SKCL as a result of unforeseen circumstances  or un-reconcilable differences between SKCL and the customer, no refund will be  given on any monies already paid.
  6. Any deviation from the agreement without written agreement from SKCL will  be treated as non-payment.
  7. A service charge of £200 for every day the payment is missed will be  charged as work on the vehicle will stop but the vehicle will kept be in our  workshop taking up space that could be used for other business.
  8. After 2 weeks from the date the payment is due, if payment is not  received the vehicle will then be removed from the workshop and securely stored  outside until the amount is paid, the above mentioned service charge will still  be applicable and accruing.
  9. Once outside SKCL accepts no responsibility for any damage to the vehicle  as a result of the weather, or third party interference.
  10. SKCL reserves the right to recover any monies owed to us by way of the  sale of the customer’s vehicle or via legal action.
5. Payment:
  1. SKCL accepts payment by way of Cash, Bank Transfer and Credit or Debit card payments only or any combination of the above.
  2. SKCL does not accept bankers drafts or bank/ building society cheques.
  3. Cash is accepted (5.1) but is discouraged. Any cash payment is subject to the following banking transaction fees - this fee structure is designed to cover the cost to the business for accepting and paying in cash payments: £1.20 per £100, plus 1.5hrs @ £60/hr +vat (£90+vat) cost of time to access our nearest branch (Tunbridge Wells - 30mins drive each way plus 30mins for accessing the bank). As an example a payment of £1000 will attract the following fee: £12 + £90+vat = £120 inc vat.
  4. SKCL reserves the right to pass on any bank charges incurred as a result  of a payment. i.e International Bank Payments.
  5. Cleared funds must be received by SKCL on or before the dates laid out in  the payment agreement.
6. Definition of Major expense:
  1. Is any sum for labour, which will become an extra or addition to the job,  over the value of £300 +vat
  2. Is any sum for parts, which will become and extra or addition to the  job, over the value of £500 +vat
  3. Is any sum that is the combination of terms 6a or 6b
  4. Any sum must be agreed by the customer and SKCL before commencement of  work.
7. Insurance:
  1. SKCL is a fully insured company and premises
  2. Customers however must maintain their own insurance  policy for the duration of their vehicle being under SKCL control. We recommend a "laid up" policy as a minimum.
  3. SKCL will not be liable for any loss of property or vehicle costs in the event of theft or damage.
  4. Although we are insured customer are notified that vehicles are left with us at their own risk.
8. Glass:
  1. SKCL cannot accept responsibility for breakages that occur during the removal or refitting of glass that has previously been removed from a car or used glass supplied to fit in place of another.
9. Contract Acceptance:
  1. Conversion contracts must be agreed a minimum of 4 weeks in  advance of project start date.
  2. Conversion bookings can only be confirmed on receipt of minimum £1000 non-refundable deposit or by the customer delivering the vehicle to us.
  3. Deposits are treated as a commitment to the contract.
  4. Delivery of vehicle to us is also commitment to contract.
  5. Cancellations up to 4 weeks before project start date will receive a 90% refund
  6. Cancellations within 4 weeks of project start date will receive no refund.
  7. Removal of vehicle from our premises will mean the project is cancelled and any place in our queue for work has been lost.
  8. Cancellation during or before the project will mean the vehicle must be immediately removed from our premises at the customers cost after the settlement of any monies owed. The vehicle will be removed from our workshop and stored outside (regardless of condition) until the customer settles and removes it and will incur a storage fee of £15 +vat per day.
  9. All invoices must be paid immediately upon presentation. failure to do so will risk the project being terminated by SKCL.
  10. No vehicle or product will be allowed to be removed from SKCL premises until full payment has been made.
10. Project Duration:
  1. SKCL will provide the customer with a projection of the duration of the project
  2. SKCL will not be held responsible for any overrun or extensions applied to this schedule as a result of other work, extra work or extended lead times for parts or any external factors.
  3. Any extra work will be advised by SKCL and amendments made to the schedule will be given.
11. Paint and Bodywork Guarantees:
  1. At SKCL we pride ourselves on our thoroughness and we therefore provide  all our conversions that require paintwork, i.e. tailgate conversions, poptops etc, with a paint-work and bodywork guarantee.
  2. This guarantee has a duration of 6 months
  3. The guarantee covers but is not limited to, and is to be decided at the  discretion of SKCL, defects in the body finishing process, such as cracks in any  filler that may have been applied, premature bubbling of the paint, and flaking  of the paint
  4. Any defects must be reported to us within 6 months of being returned to the customer and must be fixed by us
  5. SKCL offers no time scale to correct such occurrences as these corrections will need to fit in with the existing schedule.
  6. SKCL reserves the right to use a third party, if deemed necessary, to  make the necessary repairs.
  7. SKCL reserves the right to investigate the circumstances of the defects,  as some defects occur as a result of poor maintenance, care and/or storage of the  vehicle, and to also use their discretion in granting work under guarantee.
  8. The guarantee does not cover damage caused to the vehicle by the owner  or another third party, including but not limited to, accident damage, car park  damage, chips, dents or scrapes.
  9. SKCL refuses to make payouts to the owner or other third party as a  result of having bodywork corrected by another person or business.
  10. Where metallic, flaked, pearlescent or other such paints have been used,  SKCL cannot guarantee a colour/texture match on any repairs.
12. Vehicle Warranty
  1. SKCL Generally only offers vehicles that are still under Manufacturers Warranty (up to 3 years old)
  2. Some vehicles may come with an extended Manufacturers warranty, this will be notified in any sales listing
  3. Vehicles older than 3 years or outside of Manufacturers Warranty will be provided with a 6 month independent warranty.
  4. The Warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or poor  maintenance.
  5. All vehicle warranties are managed and handled by either the manufacturer or the independent warranty provider, as such SKCL is not responsible for the decisions or actions of these warranty providers or their appointed workshops or representatives.
  6. If a Warranty claim is refused by a manufacturer or independent warranty provider SKCL will not become liable or responsible for any repairs.
  7. The vehicle warranty has no bearing or liability to the conversion or poptop roof or any other equipment fitted that is not expressly part of the vehicle at the point of original manufacture

12a. Conversion Warranty

  1. SKCL offers a 24 month warranty on all of our full conversions
  2. This warranty is applicable to full 2 or 4 Birth conversions Only
  3. Our 24 Month Warranty applies to conversions competed from the 1st March 2024.
  4. Conversions Completed prior to 1st March 2024 are subject to a 12 month warranty only
  5. Workshop Jobs are subject to a 12 month warranty only
  6. The Warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or poor maintenance and SKCL reserves the right to refuse a warranty claim if the claimant cannot provide evidence of care when requested (example. claims for a faulty battery will be refused unless it can be proven than the claimant has enacted some form of process to maintain their battery while the vehicle is not in use).
  7. This warranty excludes poptop roof warranties, which are handled separately below.
  8. This warranty excludes any conversion that may be sold by SKCL but that has not been built by SKCL (example, sale of a used van on behalf of a client or sale of a used vehicle taken in part exchange).
  9. This warranty is offered on a "back to base" basis. Meaning that it is the vehicle owners responsibility to get the vehicle back to our premises in Sussex for repair work to be carried out.
  10. SKCL will not be responsible to reimburse costs for repairs by a 3rd party where express permission has not been given in writing following the production of a repair estimate.
  11. SKCL will not be responsible for any repairs or additional works carried out by a 3rd party (paid or unpaid).
  12. In the event of a repair being authorised by SKCL to a 3rd party, SKCL will not be held liable or responsible for the quality or effectiveness of the repair. any such repair that falls short of our standards or compromises the integrity or safety of the conversion will cause the whole warranty to become null and void.
  13. SKCL will not be responsible for transport, accommodation or replacement vehicle costs
  14. The conversion warranty is specific to the vehicle
  15. The conversion warranty has no bearing on liability to cover repairs to the vehicle itself or the poptop roof or any other parts or equipment not fitted during the initial conversion of the vehicle.

12b. Poptop Roof Warranty

  1. SKCL contracts other companies to manufacture the poptop roof systems we use. Each Manfacturer has their own warranty that is subject to differing terms and is offer separately to any conversion or vehicle warranty offered y SKCL.
  2. Westdubs - 5 year warranty (2 years parts & labour, 3 years parts only)
  3. Skyline - 5 year warranty (2 years parts & labour, 3 years parts only)
  4. Reimo - 7 year warranty (7 years on the shell, 1 year on the canvas & 3 years on everything else)
  5. All popop warranties are offered on a "back to base" basis. This mean that should the manufacturer of the roof deem it necessary, the vehicle owner will be required to take the vehicle to the relevant manufacturer themselves for the repair to be carried out.
  6. SKCL will not be responsible for transport, accommodation or replacement vehicle costs
  7. The poptop warranty has no bearing or liability to the vehicle or the conversion and is a stand alone warranty.
  8. The Warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or poor  maintenance.
13. Glass Fitting Guarantees:
  1. SKCL offers a 12 months, 'No Leak' guarantee on any windows fitted by us at our premises
    and will only be granted under the following terms.
  2. The guarantee is specifically to cover the bonding aspect of the window installation.
  3. The customer must leave the vehicle in the charge of SKCL for at least one overnight period following the installation of the window, to allow for bond curing.
  4. Glass that is fitted to a vehicle that has been repainted or had paintwork repairs to the area that the window bonds too are excluded from this guarantee.
  5. It is the customers responsibility to alert SKCL to this situation as noted in 13.4. Discovery of this situation during rectification work will lead to the guarantee being voided and payment for the full amount to correct the issue being due.
  6. SKCL do not offer a guarantee of any sort on glass broken once the vehicle has left SKCL premises.
  7. This guarantee does not cover leaking from faulty sliding window units, this is a separate issue to be taken up with the main supplier of the product, which SKCL will assist with.
  8. SKCL will not, in any circumstance, replace glass that is faulty under the circumstance noted in 13.7, until it has agreement from the supplier to do so.
14. Sign Over:
  1. Once the vehicle is finished SKCL will carry out a Pre Delivery  Inspection (PDI) to make sure everything is up to standard.
  2. If any extras have been found or items have been added to the spec and  previously agreed then vehicle will not be signed over to the owner until this  bill has been paid with cleared funds.

15. Legal Action:

  1. In the event of a disagreement between SKCL and the customer. SKCL will do all it can to settle the dispute amicably. In the event of the above not being possible, SKCL will seek court proceeding to recover any monies owed. Legal proceedings will also be initialized to protect SKCL from excessive costs brought by the customer.
16. Out of Hours:
  1. Our out of hours labour charge and call out charge is listed here.
17. Fuel:
  1. We ask that customers bringing vehicles to us for general workshop repairs leave their vehicles with at least 1/4 tank of fuel, unless otherwise requested, If the vehicle runs out of fuel while in our care we reserve the right to add fuel up to 1/4 of a tank full and charge this at £3.75 +vat per litre to the customer to cover our time in going to the nearest petrol station and dealing with the inconvenience.

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