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VW Approved
VB Air Suspension

OEM Air suspension system, providing full air to all 4 corners of the vehicle.

This air suspension system is approved by VW and TUV compliant, so will not affect your factory warranty.
It provides an automatic and adjustable suspension solution, ideal for improved ride comfort for passengers, safer load carrying, better road handling and static height flexibility

While on the road, the ride height will be constantly monitored and maintained in either its factory height or sport mode height regardless of vehicle load. Leading to safer handling.

The system uses 4 independent height sensors that measure the height of the vehicle continuously and makes necessary adjustments to maintain the selected set point.


VB Full Air - 4c
Including Installation
- £4,678 +vat

Auto-Level System - £426.60 +vat
Emergency Valve Kit - £183.60 +vat
Bluetooth Controller - £399.60 +vat

Necessary Extra
T6.1 Only CanBus Control £253.80 +vat
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VB-Air Suspension Benefits
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This digital leveling function is ideal for camper vans and allows you to set your van level at the touch of a button the moment you arrive on site

Improve your handling and road holding by lowering your van 30mm with Sport Mode

Increase your ride height by around 30mm for better Off Road clearance - resets to factory height at approx. 25km/hr

This function allows you to reduce the ride height in order to enter or leave a car park or garage. Assumes a standard installation. Resets to standard height at approx. 25km/hr

Memory Function

Set your own height settings for loading the van or emptying water tanks. Not suitable for driving speeds

Manual Control

Gives you manual control over the height of your van for loading, unloading, accessing water tank drain taps etc. Not suitable for driving speed

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