Window Fitting

Looking to convert or upgrade your van, then the first port of call is usually window fitting.
We offer a full fitting service at out workshop. We use a trusted source of glass (3 years and no leaking slider mechanisms).

the majority of our glass is privacy tint (20% light transmission), but we can source clear glass given enough lead time.


Includes supply & fitting

- Fixed Side Middle Window - £150
- Sliding Side Middle Window - £225
- Side Rear Window - £155 (cost is the same for False Windows)
- Tailgate Privacy Glass - £254
- Barn Door Glass - £240 per pair      

all prices are subject to VAT

Window Fitting

False Windows

If you want the look of a glazed van but without having the full window installation, we can fit you false windows.

For this process, we black out the panel behind so you get no reflection of the paintwork behind the glass, so it is truely blacked out.

We then bond the windows on as we normally do, but we leave drain holes at the bottom edge to prevent sweating and condensation build up.

No-Leak Guarantee

12 months protection for your window fitting

If any window starts to leak* as a result of our fitting, we'll correct it.
To date we haven't had to correct any which is a good sign.

*does not cover leaking slider mechanisms - although we have never seen an aftermarket window slider leak.